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Sodalite Crystal Angel Pendant

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$25.00 SGD

If you are a copywriter, teacher or even project coordinator, and you require additional support for creativity and inspiration with focus and clear communication, let Sodalite come to your rescue. It is possibly the most grounding of all the blue stones, it helps you research effectively ideas jumping ahead and laterally, yet it helps you to remain centered, making clear insightful decisions at the same time.

It helps stimulate deep thought, you will be prompted to increase inventiveness and originality, and asking yourself or the right people provoking questions; the ones that will reveal what you seek. It is also used by many at their computers to block the EMF- no doubt this pendant will assist you in blocking out those negativities as well! 

It helps with insomnia and those who may be oversensitive to others shifting the attitudes to be more rational rather than emotional. It also helps with hormonal mood swings, it may be just the pendant you need for PMS.😉Angel's got your back!