Covellite Pendant

Measures 2.8 x 3.5 cm

* Necklace / cord sold separately*

Covellite is also known as the "Stone of Contradictions".

Covellite is a high vibration crystal with energy that stimulates psychic abilities and intuitive work. It aids in bridging the higher and lower worlds. It is an excellent stone for anyone wishing to acquire information on past lives and karmic pattern. Not only can one gain information on their deeper self, but Covellite enables one to acquire information on the life of others. This makes for an amazing healing stone.

Covellite facilitates the sharing of knowledge through writing and other forms of communication. It can assist in organizing one's thoughts to find the right words in expressing knowledge. A wonderful stone for psychics, channels, mediums or spiritual teachers who communicate information from higher realms. "It is an excellent grounding stone that activates the Third-Eye and Crown chakras, which will allow one to stay firmly grounded while raising their consciousness into the higher realms."

Chakra(s): All

Element: Storm

Energy: Transformation / Grounding

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