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K2 Galet

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Original Price $35.00 SGD
Current Price $12.00 SGD

You will receive 1x K2 Galet

Approx 3.5cm in L

K2 stone consist of cream-colored granite, and filled with gorgeous blue deposits of azurite. They are rare, high vibration and powerful stones which can help people have more control over their own emotions and feel more balanced and centered.

K2 Stone is also a powerful stone of goodwill and peace. It can calm a person to help avoid conflicts. It is a powerful stone to encourage harmony within a group, especially if that group really needs to act together as one. It promotes empathy and compassion within which aids in understanding other people's point of view.

K2 Stone enhances spiritual journeying and helps in seeking guidance from the highest source. It can be particularly helpful to those involved in soul retrieval.