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Chrysocolla Egg CT

Dimensions:50mm L 
Weight: 109g
Location: Peru

Known for its soft energies, these blue green beauties also assist us to find our calm and offer an outstretched hand to those who seek the Truth.

It’s energies invite you to tune in to your intuition, your inner wise woman (or man) offering you pathways to awareness, expression, creativity and the drive for higher knowledge.

This calming stone is a useful friend when we wish to reclaim our personal power, dissolve limiting beliefs and negative emotions that can prevent us from sharing our truth in a positive authentic way, with the world.

Useful to ease uncomfortable relationships, it’s energies keep all parties cool and calm. And it also helps us find the courage to communicate with love and honesty, not just with others but with ourselves too. Many have said this is a Teaching stone, and they are right, for as we teach others, we are mastering the lessons too.