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Charoite ( Wellness & Healing) Crystal Pack

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You may wish to combine this stone in a pouch, with Apache Tears, Rhodocrosite, and Lepidolite. It can be carried with you, or placed under your pillow to assist in releasing negativity to release old programming. 

Charoite is a stone for overcoming and releasing fear and negativity. It allows one to recognize and examine the cause of unconscious fears, as well as deeply rooted, internalized negativity, and to discriminate between what is real and what the mind has created. Its cleansing energy aligns the heart and intellect and allows one to see oneself, and others, through a spirit of unconditional love and acceptance. It is a stone for the crown and heart chakras, bringing high spiritual energy to the Earth where its currently needed. 

It also encourages flexibility and “letting go” of negative vibrations, and inspires one to move forward in relationships and in viewing the world.

Charoite generally strengthens the body, grounding high frequency energy into the physical system transmuting illness and disease into wellness. It assists in overcoming exhaustion, and stimulates and regulates blood pressure and pulse rate.

Charoite is soothing to the nerves, and is thought to calm those with ADHD, autism and Asperger’s syndrome. It overcomes insomnia, promoting a deep sleep, and assists those with sleep problems, including sleepwalking and talking during sleep.

Charoite is thought to release cramps, relieve migraines, headaches and other aches and pains. It may be used in treatments of the eyes and heart, and to improve degraded conditions of the liver and pancreas.