Peacock Ore Pack - 500g

Already Reduced. These packs come in 500g bags.

Peacock Ore- also known as bornite, is copper iron sulfide which turns rainbow colored during a mineral leaching process leaving a skin of multi-colored, powdery shades of iridescence on the outside.

It is an energizer, as its properties harness spirit energy to the physical plane. Often referred to as a " stamina rock" because it supports long sessions of energetic healing, psychic work, meditation and creative output.

Peacock Oreblends masculine and feminine energies of divinity and grounds them to the physical plane, so it naturally supplies balanced, sustained and continuous flow of energy. It can be trusted to provide energies of good judgement as it connects the root, heart and crown chakras.

Peacock Oreprovides stimulus to the nervous system, brain, muscles, heart and lungs. It works simultaneously with the blood, bones and bowels. it is excellent for athletes engaged in competitive sports. It is a visual and physical stimulant, and is excellent as a preparatory stone for any day's activity involving heavy muscular and visual activities.

Keep specimens out of water and reduce handling as the outside "rust" will come off.