7 Chakra Stones with Flower of Life Pouch

You will receive 7 stones, one for each chakra, which can be used on it's own, to be carried with you in your pocket or bag, or all together! 

1. Root -  Petrified Wood -Helps us to connect the root chakra with Gaia;
2. Sacral - Red Tiger's Eye - stimulates motivation, passion and creativity;
3. Solar Plexus - Rutilated Quartz- brings joy and power to balance this chakra;
4. Heart - Chrysoprase- brings acceptance and healing into the cells of the body, this variety of chrysoprase also brings an energy of love and abundance;
5. Throat - Angelite - soothes the tissues especially useful for the thymus, and also used to heal and clear the throat chakra;
6. Third Eye - Labradorite - offers protection while enhances insight; 
7. Crown - Auralite 23- balances the mind; fosters connection to your guides, and divinity;

You will receive 1 x Flower of Life Pouch to hold your chakra stones. 

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Pouch
These geometries exist everywhere, from our galaxy, to cities, sacred sites, music, art, nature including our body and cells. These geometries follows a base principle that all physical reality originates from the infinite according to a universal framework of geometric structures and ordered proportion and are considered sacred.

Pythagoras, Euclid and Plato, among many other, ancient philosophers, have concluded that these fractal patterns are inherent to the design of life itself. It’s as if they are a blueprint for the matrix upon which our reality rests. Flower of Life is said to be the most sacred fractal pattern in the universe, encompassing the essential shapes and connections intrinsic to every aspect of our physicality. It occurs when a repetition of symmetrically balanced, overlapping circles are placed within a six-fold symmetry.

This pattern is one most frequently found in ancient temples, in nature, and even in modern churches. The most common image of the Flower of Life is a simplified, two-dimensional version of the original, since it is in print form.