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Brown Tourmaline tumbled stone

$21.00 SGD

Element: earth, storm
Chakra: root, heart 

You will receive 1x Brown Tourmaline Tumbled Stone

Approx : 10mm-20mm

Dravite Tourmaline is the deep brown, very dark, nearly black variety of Tourmaline. It?s a powerful grounding stone and just like other Tourmalines, it also has a soothing, calming, relaxing and reassuring effect on the body. In meditation, it can help one in bringing Shadow material into conscious awareness without rejecting or judging what one finds.

This stone helps one overcome addiction and self-judgment. It can support the body?s purification systems and may help with digestive disorders. Dravite Tourmaline encourages self-acceptance and self-love. This stone will be very helpful to those who are feeling numb or those who are having a hard time dealing with grief.

This stone is a strong talisman for healing and integrating one?s dark side. It is said to nourish life-force energies and give stamina to those doing deep inner work. It inspires persistence and courage. It may even help one see the brighter side in some of life?s darkest situations.