Brandberg Amethyst

THE POWER OF PERFECTION- activates all chakras including soul star, stellar gateway and beyond.

Physiological correspondence: Etheric blueprint, limbic brain, neurotransmitters, metabolic and immune system

VIBRATION: Exceptionally high

Brandenberg has exceptional power and clarity, attuned to pure consciousness. It carries the hologram of your soul. A master healer, it is the most versatile multidimensional healing tool on the planet.

If you can have one crystal,make it a Brandenberg. It does all you ask and- and more than you ever dreamed possible. This amazing crystal is found at the crossroads of powerful meridians that feed the soul energy of the Earth's matrix.

Containing the the energetic resonance of Amethyst, Smoky and Clear Quartz, it works synergistically to restore balance at the physical, emotional, mental, ancestral, planetary, karmic and spiritual levels. Its phantoms, or bubbles, can be intuitively traversed to explore all the levels of being.

Brandenberg releases entities, thought forms and mental constructs or influences, karmic imprints or connections, and soul imperatives that no longer serve. Meditating with a Brandenberg pinpoints conditions you assumed for the purpose of your soul's growth. It highlights the gift in any experience, it moves you forward on your soul path.

By taking you back to the perfect blueprint that existed before the soul's journey began, a Brandenberg energetically retunes core vibrational patterns. It aligns all systems of the body to optimum functioning and brings forward a perfection of the being that can be reflected in body and soul. A tool for profound cellular healing and 12 strand DNA activation, it creates new neutral pathways as it triggers the cell membrane to remember it is a vehicle of conscious evolution.