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Boji Stones

Measures: Approx 4cm

Boji stones are strong purifying minerals that will cleanse your body and establish a sense of balance into your life. They will regenerate the cells, refresh your organs and tissues, and boost your energy levels and stamina. They are believed to bring their owners happiness, life energy, and fertility and ward against negativity.

Boji Stones come in a pair, one male( textured/rough) and one female (smooth). They are used to balance the polarities in the body, in the brain and it can balance all the energy centres in the body as well. 

You can use them in meditation, they are particularly useful when you wish to do healing on yourself, or just relax after a busy day. You can place them on either side of your head, or area of the body you wish to balance and stay there for 5 minutes. Some will just hold the male in the left hand and the female in the right hand and lie down for 5 minutes. You can also place the male at the crown and the female at the root and lie to 5 minutes. 

These stones are rare, especially this size, and are used by healers and energy practitioners alike. 

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