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Blue Needle Quartz Tower with Rainbow

Approx Dimensions:11cm L x 3cm W 
Weight: 154g

Blue needle quartz is a rare crystal. It looks like blue feathers under strong light. There are stories surrounding this crystal, as it's prized for it's ability to change one's fate. 

It's said to bring good luck, the energies of the blue needle quartz crystals are stronger and can help to clear dense energies, allowing more light to integrate into the body. 

Its high frequency expands consciousness and allows us to be more perceptive and consciously integrate the vibrations of the higher dimensions. It is also said to create a bubble of light around our auric fields, keeping the energy of peace and love, creating an energy of harmony that allows for good will all around. 

Where and how to use it? 

  • Meditate holding a piece - visualise people and organisations you wish to have harmonious relationships with and ask for healing to take place;
  • Place it in your study where you do most of your planning and allow it's energies to inspire you;
  • Place it in the wealth spot of your home.