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Ascended Master Saint Germain Elixir 15ml

Ascended Master Saint Germaine x Sugilite Crystal Elixir - 15ml dropper bottle

Birthed 1st October 2020.

Ascended Master Saint Germain is the custodian of the Violet Flame, that purifies, transforms and heals. His energies are loving yet able to transmute our thoughts, words and actions on a deep soul level, so we may gain freedom, to enter into a new paradigm and bring about a new light frequency to support the Great Awakening.

This elixir also combines the powerful energies of the Sugilite, a crystal of the Violet Ray, to assist us to manifest the frequency of Divine Love on Earth. It gifts us with qualities of wisdom and spiritual devotion. Infusing into all 4 bodies purifying frequencies of Light, freeing us from the lower energies of dis-ease, releasing negative energies and influence.

Saint Germaine Elixir is best accompanied by the Lady Portia Elixir to invoke their twin flame energy and purpose.


The Lunarra Elixirs are a range of highly charged and powered elixirs created and inspired by Masters of the Akasha and Archangels. They are safe for consumption or spraying in your aura to create change and transformation. Ancient formulas and techniques are applied. It takes approximately 40 days to complete this essence.

Consume 3 drops as you rise and just before bedtime. You can also spray in your aura to bring in the energy and qualities of Ascended Master St. Germain into your four bodies. Place it in your home or altar to invite the energies of the Master into your space. Placing these bottles in your home, aids in creating a holy and sacred space.