Aragonite Star Cluster

Measure 3.5 x 3.0 cm

Aragonite Star Clusters widely known as the 'The Conservationists's Stone' carry energies that encourage conservation and caring for the earth. It's a powerful stone that can help heal not only the earth but heal you as well.

The energy of Aragonite Star Clusters can be soothing or energizing. This stone blend the energies of all five elements, creating a sense of balance and completion. They radiate energy outward in many directions, creating a web-like Light Force throughout the energy systems. Through this web, one may feel a sense of peace and release as the energy stimulates the healing of past wounds or energetic blockages.

The Aragonite Stars are superb meditation tools as it can facilitate connection with higher states of consciousness. They are ideal to those who wish to link with the Higher Mind. They can help one in exploring the higher realms. They also encourage the expression of one's energy through words, the arts, and other communication channels.

It can help one overcome stress and anxiety. Aragonite awakens the body's energy systems, promoting vitality and stamina. They are helpful in grounding Light energy into the densest aspects of our physical selves, the bones. They are said to be useful for regeneration of bone tissues and for healing broken bones.