Apache Tears Tumbled Stones

Each piece of Apache Tear is approximately 2.5cmL x 2cmW x 2cmD and weighs approximately 11-17g.

Apache Tears are rounded form of Obsidian (volcanic black glass). An Apache tear looks rough and opaque at first glance, but translucent when held up to light. These stones bear a strong Earth element energy that can assist one in connecting with the sacred aspects of the physical realm. They also resonate with Fire energy as they actually came from volcanic lava. These precious stones are useful for grounding as well as protection from negative energies.

Apache Tears can help one understand that all frequencies of energy have originated from the Divine Source and each plays a role in the Divine's plan for its creation. They can make us discover the joy in physical experience and in the beauty of the world which can lend support during times of sorrow. These stones can aid one in accepting and releasing their grief.

Health wise, Apache Tears are believed to strengthen the blood and the immune system and are quite essential for countering blood-borne diseases. They can help alleviate fever, promote vitality and improve body strength.