Angelite- Connection to the Angels

Measure 2.5cm in length (approx)

Angelite is a powerful Wind element stone. Similar to other Wind elements allies, Angelite's energy stimulates the third-eye and crown chakras. It assists in connecting with guides and angels. This can be particularly favorable in meditation. Due to its association to angelic energies, Angelite makes an excellent stone to use when Divine intervention is required.

Angelite's energy is very soothing to the emotional body, which is quite helpful during difficult times. It can be useful in bringing peace to situations where there is conflict and ego involved.

Angelite is a powerful stone when one needs to learn to manage one's temper and control one's words.

Instead of stimulating the throat chakra, Angelite's energy soothes this area which can be essential in situations where too much talking can get in the way of understanding.

Angelite's is said to support bone density and growth, as well as health issues like arthritis and osteoporosis. It actively assists one in attaining greater mobility and range of motion, and helps to dissolve calcification in the joints. It promotes self-healing of fractures. In addition, it is useful for regulating appetite and digestive function especially where emotional issues play a role in obesity.

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