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Angel Aura Heart Clusters- Peaceful Energies • Higher Self • Higher Vibration

$22.00 SGD

You will receive the exact crystal of your choice. Please choose the option from the selection above ( See measurments and weight below)

20- 60g |46mm W x 44mm L
B28- 110g | 70mm W x 64mm L
C27 - 113g | 61mm W x 57mmL
A27- 125g | 60mm W x 60mm L
A22- 90g | 54mm W x 51mm L

Creates a connection with your Higher Self, angel auras help to create an optimistic attitude. The peaceful, joyful energy you begin to exude draws in opportunities to you, and it provides mental clarity and the natural drive to self-betterment. 

It promotes inner wisdom and clarity on present life situations, especially as you begin new journeys in life. 

These bubbly aura hearts are rejuvenating, and can be too for your jewellery and other smaller crystals! 💗