Andalusite Specimen #1

Measures approximately 2.0 cm

Andalusite has powerful protective and creative energies. It assists the wearers in looking at problems from all sides in order to balance creativity with practicality. It can help the user look into his character without bias, and transform negative situations into positive ones.

Andalusite can help highly sensitive and spiritual people feel comfortable and "at home" on Earth; it is said to facilitate access to past life memories and the Akashic Records; can be used to repair holes in the aura and to strengthen any chakra; its friendly energy is recommended for those wishing to dispel loneliness, depression, fear, or anxiety

Crystal lore says Andalusite enhances memory and assists with recall. It promotes focus on a perceived goal and encourages the wearer to stay the course when times are difficult. It reminds her of past victories and illuminates new ways of reaching a goal.