Amphibole Quartz

Used for healing and to dissolve old or negative cycles to reach higher dimensions of consciousness, or simply just be able to live life more fully and as yourself rather than with all that baggage!

This crystal aids connection into higher dimensions, especially connection to angels. It contains a unique combination of Limonite (yellow), Hematite (red), Kaolinite (white) and Lithium (pink). Each of these inclusions fuse together to create fiery feathers of crystals, but separately, offer their own powerful healing properties. It is found in one location in Brazil, making these crystals nearly impossible to find.

Amphibole Quartz or Angel Phantom Quartz as it is often called is an invaluable crystal to have in your home. Surrounding it with other angelic crystals, such as Rutilated Quartz, Celestite and Angelite, will create an environment filled with light and positivity. If you have children who often have nightmares, Angel Phantom Quartz is said to be a wonderful crystal to place under their pillow or next to their bed to ensure they are protected by the presence of their guardian angel.

Sitting with this high-vibrational stone, experience the grounding essence of hematite, the psychic protection of limonite, the intuition enhancing of kaolinite and the stress relieving, calming energy of lithium. All of these minerals are combined within quartz to bring you closer to universal love and inner peace. Embrace the energy of unity as you feel this crystal pulse through your chakric field, cleansing the energy blocks between them before aligning each chakra with the next. Heal the scars of past mistakes by release the toxic energy you’ve been holding onto. Angel Phantom is the perfect quartz to use when forging a new path for yourself. The properties of the other minerals within this crystal will help you to manifest the intentions that you program into the quartz. Once your intentions have been set, the hematite will motivate you to action, the limonite will keep outside forces from discouraging your efforts, the kaolinite will bolster decision making and the and the lithium will ease the tension or stress caused by changes. This incredible combination of minerals is not only metaphysically valuable, it is also extremely rare and sought after by crystal collectors.