Ametrine (Lightly tumbled)

Ametrine offers the benefits of amethyst, the benefits of citrine, and the effects that result from the harmonious blending of the two. This would make it a high vibration amplifier stone, and a powerful one, at that. It is said to unite masculine and feminine energies and connect professional healers to the Divine for guidance which aids the healer is his or her decision making and aligns his or her actions with Divine will. Ametrine is considered to be a very useful healing tool for professionals but also for the average person. It is believed to promote tranquility and inner peace by releasing negativity from the aura, as well as help its wearer or keeper on his or her journey to spiritual enlightenment and higher psychic awareness. It is also considered to be a money stone. In addition to spiritual clarity, ametrine is claimed to increase mental clarity. If you are a student and require assistance with your studies keeping this gemstone as a companion could very well help you to stay focused and provide some much needed inspiration. If you suffer from compulsions and/or self-defeating habits ametrine may help you to break them.

Ametrine has been used by crystal healers in the treatment of clinical depression, anxiety, stress, and mental tension (which can cause headaches and migraines). It has also been used to enhance weight loss and in the battle against addiction. As in the case of its metaphysical healing benefits this gemstone provides all of the physical healing benefits of both amethyst and citrine and more, so the above only names a few.