Akashic Record Workshop 2: Intermediate Level

Pre-requsite: Foundation Level

Date: 26 & 27 August 2017
Time: 11am-6pm
Tuition: $975

This 2 day Intermediate workshop allows you to dive deeper within, to gain personal mastery over your inner and outer worlds with the assistance and guidance of the Akashic Masters. We explore 13 aspects within your reality to understand how they can influence your personal life and learn techniques to further clear and align.

You will also learn techniques to balance personal karma, and heal your ancestral lineage. And as a gift to each participant, Tarra channels individual messages from the Akashic Masters.

Workshop Outline – Intermediate

  • Learn about the 13 Aspects of your life and how to work with them to gain self-mastery;
  • Work with the Akashic Masters to quickly and easily identify and balance Karma with Self and Others Experience deeper creativity within the Akashic Records; 
  • Explore Past Lives to rediscover and reclaim gifts that will aid you in this lifetime to empower you on your soul path and soul purpose;
  • Learn to channel healing and empowering prayers for yourself and loved ones; 
  • Learn the importance and how to perform Ancestral or Generational Healing within the Akashic Records for yourself;
  • Learn how to effectively retrieve fragmented soul parts and lost energies; 
  • Learn how to distribute and balance your energy evenly and effectively; 
  • Learn to systematically use ‘Advanced Grace Points’ to heal yourself and others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually;
  • Healing Glyph Attunement: Be attuned to 4 channeled healing glyphs. These glyphs enable you to perform personal karmic clearing, ancestral clearing, opens your divine heart, and provides protection against negative energies.
  • Tarra channels personal messages or healing from the Akashic Masters for each participant.

    About Tarra

    Many times in our lives we have found ourselves in the Akashic Records, but we are not able to find our way 'back there', and in this workshop you will be shown 'how- to'. Through this workshop you will be lovingly supported by Tarra.

    She is a healer, teacher and the founder of Full Circle. Tarra teaches energy alchemy and works with entrepreneurs to reach new levels within their business and personal life.

    Read More about Tarra on her website