Akashic Record Reading & Alchemic Healing

The Akashic Records is a library that contains sacred scripts written about every lifetime that your soul has journeyed. The Akashic scribes lovingly note down every one of your triumphs, challenges, and tasks undertaken. They record down contracts, vows and promises that you have made to yourself and others. It is also in this amazing realm that you can discover your highest soul essence and highest soul purpose. It is the realm where the Masters, Guides, Archangels and Angels reside. In each light being resides a reservoir of wisdom and unconditional love that we are allowed to tap into. The Akashic Records is accessible to everyone and whilst you bask in your own Akasha, know that you are simply soaking yourself in divine energies that heal and awakens your entire being. An Akashic Alchemic Healing session can do the following for you:
  • Gives you practical solutions to your life’s difficult challenges
  • Advice on how to end vicious cycles of all nature
  • Causes and solutions to break negative habits and obsessions
  • Shed light and answers on your soul’s purpose
  • Connects you to your Guides and Masters
  • Bring deep healing for your physical and emotional levels
  • Reclaims your inate gifts and unleashes your creativity
  • Helps you to move away from the past and into the Now
  • Removes deep rooted negative habits and obsessions
  • Brings in more of your soul essence so that you can experience wholeness
  • Allows your Guides and Masters to send you healing energies and blessings of abundance and unconditional love.

Akashic Record Reading & Alchemic Healing

Purchase a session, then contact Tarra on 8382 2083 to make an appointment.
Each session goes for 90 minutes.
Energy Exchange: $275.

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