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The Essential Buyer's Guide

We've got you. Whether you prefer to have a VitaJuwel at home or on-the-go, or even for your pet.

There is something for everyone, including your pets!

The 7L Grande is a dispenser that you can share with your whole family. You can hang a vial of choice to embue your drinking water with its benefits.

You can interchange that same vial with the 1.3L Era Decanter for a drink in the study, or when friends come to visit.

The 0.5L waterbottle hydrates while you are in the office, at yoga, in the car, and whilst shopping.

Take the Travel Droplet for a spin, or a glass of wine.

And let's not forget the Kings and Queens of our household, our beloved pets.

1.3L Era Decanter


The Era Decanter holds 1.3 litres of water. The notch on its specially-designed lid keeps your VitaJuwel Gemstone vial securely in place, so you don’t have to worry about mishaps. And as if the crystals weren’t attractive enough, the Era Decanter’s elegant design is easy on the eye.


7L Grande Dispenser


Feeling a little generous? The Grande dispenser is the ideal choice. It serves a copious 7 litres of gem water. This dispenser makes a beautiful centerpiece at home, or conversation starter in the office.


0.5L ViA Glass Water Bottles


While these lovely bottles are pretty resistant, give yourself some added peace of mind by including a set of Black or White Loops, comprising a silicon handle and protective base. With these Loops, you can rest assured that your bottle will not be slipping away from you anytime soon.


For Wine & Water

Enjoy with water, wine or whiskey.

Bring it with you on your travels, place it in a glass of water, wine, or whiskey. Wait 7 minutes and enjoy. (yes, you can leave it in longer!)

CrownJuwel PetBowls


For all the princes and princesses of the household, these pet bowls come in 3 colours, Natural White, Ocean Blue, and Slate Grey


For Enjoying Wine

Amethyst means 'the non-intoxicable' in classical Greek.

The ancient Greeks knew about the attributes of this gem and tried infusing their wine with amethysts to improve its taste!