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Change in Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday Closed
Change in Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday Closed

Space Clearing For Your Home and Work Space

What is space clearing?

Space clearing is the art of cleansing and balancing the 4 elements in a space. A tedious process but when performed with love and pure intentions, will transform and create peace, harmony, wealth and health.

Proper space clearing is also able to rid the space of old and negative memories, entities, negative energies and old energies that do not benefit the occupants.

Note: Using sage or a sound bowl is effective only as simple space clearing or as a form of maintenance. Every household should have their space throughly cleared by a professional at least once or each time they move into a new space. 

When should one do space clearing?

  • Whenever you feel stuck in some issues in your life- to clear out old or recurring problems in your life and open up new possibilities.
  • When you are about to move into a new space – clearing of any psychic residue of the previous occupants.
  • When you are trying to sell your house and want to invoke a calm and peaceful feeling to the space.
  • Assist the healing process of anyone in your home.
  • After an illness- refreshes and uplifts the space.
  • For good luck- When there is balance at home, this usually translates into all other aspects of your life.
  • To manifest what you want in your life more easily.
  • Create a loving space for a newborn.
  • After a divorce or break up or after any traumatic event.

How is the space clearing performed:

A connection is made with the guardians and elementals of the space so that the space clearing is performed in harmony and agreement with different realms. The 4 elements of the space is then cleared and balanced with the use of sound, incense, crystals and pure intention. The session ends with a powerful blessing of protection anchored in and around the space.  

In addition, each household will also be given a space clearing kit and taught how to perform simple space clearing techniques.

How to book

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