For any of these sessions, please call 6238 8549 to schedule an appointment.  These services are facilitated by Tarra Tae, founder of Full Circle SG. You may read more about Tarra on her website.

Sacred Services

Akashic Reading and Alchemic Healing

Akashic Record Reading & Alchemic Healing

This 90 min session begins with an Akashic reading to look into areas of your life that requires healing and balancing. Alchemic Healing is then performed to bring greater ease and grace into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself.

Karmic Balancing

Karmic Balancing within the Akashic Records

For the individual who needs a complete soul overhaul. Karma Balancing sessions are completely channeled and personalized from the Masters to offer karmic dispensations for yourself and your ancestral lineage.

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