4th - 7th June, 18th+ 19th June 2018

Aromatherapy Massage • Mysofascial Release • Reiki • Akashic Records

The bodywork that Samantha does is a combination of Aromatherapy Massage, Myofascial Release, and Reiki done while the Akashic Records of the client are open.

Myo-fascial release is the "ironing out" of the connective tissue that encases all the muscles. The 'Fascia' is connected throughout the body and a movement ( pressure during massage) over the ankle fascia may be felt in the pelvis and release over the sacrum can be felt in the leg, for example.

The emotional issues are embedded in the physical tissues. It moves beyond what we know in energy work and proven by Neurobiologist
Dr Candace Pert that neuropeptides- the chemicals triggered by emotions- are our thoughts converted into matter. Our emotions reside physically in our bodies and interact with our cells and tissues." So everything we have ever experienced is held within the body.

This June, Sam will be back at Full Circle with Violet Flame attuned essential oil blend that works in tandem with Bodywork session, allowing very deep healing to occur. This essential oil combination affects our body on the cellular level. As the energy of the Violet Flame transmutes on an energetic and Spiritual level and the bodywork and Myofascial release allows us to let go of the energy that has manifested itself as pain, tension, discomfort or holding pattern (eg: shoulder girdle pain which could lead to tennis elbow symptoms etc.)  

Essentially, the Violet Flame works on our 4 lower bodies -the physical, emotional, mental and etheric or memory body- by changing the rate of their vibration. When our bodies become stuck either by trauma, karma or other negative energy, it slows the vibration in these four lower bodies. The Violet Flame transmutes these negative energies into positivity, turning fear into love.

"Reiki is an energetic healing system, a channeling of Universal energy, by laying of hands on or above the body. By combining these modalities within the Akashic Records during a bodywork session, I am allowed deeper insight to the emotions that are stored within the physical body. It is not a massage that happens in complete silence; I like to bring the client's awareness to where pain and tension reside in their body and through active release, empower them to help in loosening this tension. Often, experiencing where pain lies in their body assisst in releasing its grip - we acknowledge it instead of denying the message that this pain brings. Clients are allowed to talk about what comes up or ask questions - or not.

Please allow time for your body to integrate the experience after a Bodywork session. Allow your body at least a day or 2 of minimal “busy-ness” and try to remain IN your body, if you needs rest, allow yourself to rest as much as you are able to. Be gentle with yourself, our bodies are infinitely strong but should be treated with reverence. It is the vehicle of our Soul and the better we look after it - the smoother our road trip. "

-Samantha Klomp

"A divine experience. Struggling with emotional wounds and fibromyalgia I booked an energetic bodywork session with the lovely Samantha. She made me feel completely safe to open up to let her guide me to my deepest self and heal from the inside out. She connected me with my father who passed a year ago, to get rid of all the guilty feelings and to forgive what has been. I felt so much lighter afterwards and complete. The fascia release therapy had an immense effect on my body. And although I felt it in my muscles until a couple of days after I also can walk again without my special insoles and therefore I feel such freedom. It was an experience to never forget because she made me feel wanted, needed and loved. I'm a new person now."

- Inez

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