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Healing Vibes for Everyone

These little nuggets are not only nice to look at, they emanate wholesome and soothing vibrations that can heal of the body, mind and spirit. Every single crystal, no matter its shape or size, has their own unique properties and provides inspiration and healing for every one — people like you and me.

How Crystals Work

Firstly everything, including crystals have energy. Crystals have a consistent energy pattern, due to their crystalline structure. We, humans are ‘dynamic’ with our energy patterns, easily influenced and can become unbalanced from external forces such as electromagnetic stress and geopathic stress and internal ones, such as our thoughts, anxieties and emotions.

Crystals can be used to postively influence our energy by being that stable energy pattern that supports us, and helps bring us back into balance.

crystal Types

Many of us adopt crystals to harness their energy for lifestyle improvement. We can select stones according to the purposes we need them for; whether its for emotional healing or abundance, anxiety or protection. Crystals may be used for meditation, Reiki healing, space clearing and creating a harmonious space for yourself and loved ones. They can also be used to remind oneself of life lessons and meaning. These are some of the popular types that many of us choose to use.

Tumbled stones

Crystals pouches

Polished points, Spheres & Figurines

Andara crystals

Raw crystals

Natural points


Choose crystalS by ...


Colour Choice


Crystal benefits




•  Holding it in Meditation

•  Placing it on your body

•  Putting in your pocket

•  Wearing them

•  Creating a Crystal Grid


cleansE crystals WITH ...

•  Smoke

Smudging with White Sage

•  Water

Running Water

•  Sound

Singing Bowls, Tingsha, Tuning Fork

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