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Crystal grids are an arrangement of crystals, charged with intention in a geometric pattern. They can be created for many purposes like for healing, protection, love or to manifest something in your life.

It combines many different types of crystals to harness and amplify different energies.

Crystal grids can help by directing you together with the crystal's energies to focus on your goal or intention, thus reinforcing the effort put in for its fruition.

How to Make a Crystal Grid?

Step 1 : Your Intentions
Think thoroughly and note down your goal, intention or something that you would like to manifest with the aid of your crystal grid. Do go ahead and color or shade your grid, give your grid a personal touch and some substance!
Step 2 : Pick Crystals
Go through all your crystals to choose the suitable ones for your crystal grid. It can be in different sizes, shapes and forms, not limited to tumbled stones, like natural clusters, points, polished statues made of crystals works too!
Step 3 : Grid It!
Intuitively place your crystals onto your crystal grid while thinking about your noted goal, intention or manifestion. Now with your newly crafted crystal grid, strive with the support of the crystals and sacred geometry's energy and direction!
Some Crystal Grid Examples

Focus & Concentration
"I need to give my all for this exam..."
Moss Agate
Grounding; enhances mental concentration, persistance, endurance; aids to bring one's goal to completion.
Clear Quartz
Enhances mental clarity, memory; amplifies energy.
Enhances ability to focus, clear thinking; clears confusion and cluttered thoughts.
Enhances mental focus, mental clarity and clear thinking.
Brings insight and understanding; facilitates self-discipline, effiency.
Relieves stress and worry; calming; inspires to see problems as opportunities to learn.
Black Tourmaline
Grounding; dispels negativity, anxieties; re-attunes disharmony.
Grounding; increases vitality; bolsters commitment, persistance and willpower; increases mental clarity and focus.
Tiger's Eye
Grounding; calming; increases mental clarity, intellect; overcomes fatigue and discouragement.
Grounding; inspires to turn crisis into challenge; increased willpower against temptations; strengthens motivation.
Increases mental acuity; relieves stress; aids mental focus.
Enhances self-mastery; wards off mental exhaustion.
Snowflake Obsidian
Perserverance; helps to grasp new concepts, retain new information, and remember important things.
Abundance & Prosperity
"I wish for lots of good things in life..."
Green Aventurine
Stone for good luck; helps to manifest greater prosperity.
Boosts chance of success; attracts abundance and properity into life.
Tree Agate
Known as the stone of plenitude; brings richness and fullness into all areas of life.
Known as the merchant's stone; attracts personal and professional success, wealth.
Promotes good luck and success; manifests an increase in income flow or other forms of wealth.
Influences growth on all areas; attracts abundance, harmony and good luck.
Restores flow of abundance; attracts fame, unexpected prosperity and luck.
Increases prosperity; attracts wealth and abundance into life; boosts good fortune.
Brings luck and prosperity; protection against negativity and poverty
Orange Calcite
Attracts money and exciting new opportunities; aids to overcome financial challenges; improves flow of business.
Nephrite Jade
Assists in achieving .financial goals; brings protection, luck, and good health.
All-rounded stone of wealth and abundance; increases financial satisfaction and success
Brings good fortune, riches and fame; assists in professional growth
Protection & Safety
"I would like to do some warding ..."
Blue Kyanite
Prevents being manipulated, bullied, coerced and deceived.
Deflects unwanted or undesirable energies; wards off negativity and misfortunes.
Creates peaceful and harmonious environment; removes stale or stagnant energy; amplifies positive energy.
Black Tourmaline
Repel negative energies or people; keeps bad luck away; protection against accidents and misfortune
Clears electromagnetic pollution; dispels negativity; helps to feel emotionally safe.
Blue Tiger's Eye
Wards off negative energies; prevents bad people from entering.
Protects against psychic attacks and ill-wishing; clears of one's energy field off negative influence and attachments.
Repel hostile forces; absorbs negative energies; guards against radiation; clears electromagnetic pollution
Spirit Quartz
Protection against negative energy, envy, and ill-wishing; bolsters natural defenses.
Wards off negative people and bad luck; deflects negative energy.
Smoky Quartz
Banishes negativity; rids off bad vibrations and negative energy in the surrounding area.
Tourmalinated Quartz
Dispels negative energy; repairs the auric field; restores balance to chakras; promotes general well-being.
Protection from negative and harmful vibrations; aids entity removal.
Empowerment & Confidence
"I need a boost of power and confidence ..."
Fortifies self-respect and feelings of self-value; actualises sense of respect, worth and esteem.
Builds confidence, courage, passion and power; brings physical vitality.
Angel Aura Quartz
Feeling of quiet confidence, inner peace and knowing; calming; uplifting.
Stimulates optimism, playfulness and decisiveness in difficult situations.
Enlightened leadership and confidence; enhances willpower and creativity.
Inspires self-love and compassion; brings inner peace and self-forgiveness.
Rose Quartz
Inspires self-love and compassion; brings inner peace, balance and calmness; strengthens self-esteem.
Aids in fostering gratitude; brings emotional and spiritual security.
Tiger's Eye
Gives courage, strength of mind, and self-confidence; brings optimism.
Red Jasper
Protective and energizing; instils empowerment and self-confidence.
Moss Agate
Inspires hope and trust; instils confidence; enhances intuition, spiritual understanding and better appreciation.
Brings self-empowerment and independence; inspires leadership.
Mookite Jasper
Instils feelings of hope, joy, and excitement; boosts self-esteem.
Crystal Grid Essentials

Intention Cards (Set of 2)
Flower of Life & Metatron's Cube.
Use as base for crystal grids.
Crystal Packs
Crystal packs of 4, 6 or more.
In handy sizes for grids.
Tumbled Stones
Tumbled single crystals.
Great for grids and pouches.
Raw Crystals
Clusters, points and other natural forms.
Great for grids and collections.
Polished Crystals
Polished figurines, spheres and points.
Great for grids and display.
Crystal Grid 101 - Workshop
Learn more about the techniques and ways to create a proper crystal grid.
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