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About Us

Full Circle SG was launched in 2012 on Deepavali, the Festival of Lights. It is our desire to bring Light to ur community in Singapore and in our space back in 2012, we offered Yoga classes. We added crystals, and other healing tools to our offerings, including meditation classes and workshops such as space clearing, singing bowlsand crystal grids.
Our healing tools, including our crystals are curated from all around the world, are chosen for their energies and healing properties. Mother Earth offers fine vibrational medicine that support us at every step of our own personal journey, by way of plants and herbs to cleanse the spaces we spend the most time in, including essential oils!
On the 1st of November 2019, we closed our retail space to make way for a larger space for teaching, meditation and yoga. Our selection of crystals and healing tools are still available, however online only. We too, have evolved and Come Full Circle. 🙂
We are also the main distributor of VitaJuwelin Singapore, a system that hygienically separates crystals whilst using them to energise your drinking water. This allows our drinking water to be structured, have healing qualities of Mother Earth.
Tarra, co-founder of Full Circle SG, is also the founder of Akashic Light Academy, offering courses in the Akashic Records, and other esoteric topics for those who seek a grounded approach to spiritual growth. When she is in Singapore, she offers Healing Sessions. You may wish to learn more about her and the courses she provides here.