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For protection & purification

New ideas, mental strength and inner growth requires a sanctuary to nurture and manifest fully. This blend neutralises negativity, whether it comes from working in a challenging environment or just 'vibes' from others. 

Black tourmaline is used for protection and stability. Amethyst is the excellent companion for black tourmaline to create a powerful, natural shield against negativity and negative EMF. Clear Quartz harmonises the properties of the two stones, and magnifies their properties. 

Black Tourmaline

Improves sleep, alleviates effects of radiation, stress, pain, tension, joint problems & sensations of numbness. Encourages energy flow in the meridians. Helps with intestinal complaints, flatulence and constipation.


Assists to lower blood pressure. Releases tension, helps with pain, bruising and swelling.

Clear Quartz
Distributes energy, creates harmony between other crystals. Increases the effect of other crystals.