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ViA Happiness

$180.00 SGD

A warming blend that opens you to joy, abundance and allowing flow in your life

This blend barely contains the joyful Orange Calcite, the vibrant Carnelian, and blessed Jade. If you feel you need more positivity and blessings your life, this blend, inspires as it attracts all the good stuff into your life. The combination creates within us an aura of openness, eloquence, and optimism.

This blend is also warming to the body, gently detoxifying, and assists in creativity and harnessing your personal power. 

Assists circulation, and improves blood quality. Helps with low blood pressure. Stimulates small intestine & metabolism. Helps rheumatic complaints and brings out fevers if necessary.

Nephrite Jade
Helps with kidneys, uninary tract and bladder, regulates water balance, encourages detoxification of bodily fluids & tissues. Helps with tinnitus, and  with one’s sense of balance.

Orange Calcite
Regulates metabolism, digestion, & elimination. Good for bones, teeth, the skin, connective tissues, & the intestines. Assists with healthy growth, self confidence and stablility.

Clear Quartz
Distributes energy, creates harmony between other crystals. Increases the effect of other crystals.