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ViA - Diamonds

$492.00 SGD

Long treasured and owned only by Kings & Queens, the intense Diamond blend is now available for all. Diamonds promote inner vision, alignment and empowerment. It carries the energy of purity and power. Drink Diamonds when you need an extra energy boost or use it to complement the other blends in our range.

Our customers say that no other gemwater tastes as intense and apollonian as this exclusive blend. Try it once and you'll never again drink ordinary tap water. It also makes a perfect gift for that special someone you treasure most in your life it is as unique as a diamond ring or necklace. This blend is jewelry for your water!

Benefits of Diamonds:

  • Supports sensory organs, hormone glands, blood vessels, nerves & brain;
  • Helps with mental clarity, depression & anxiety;
  • Assists with establishing inner order;
  • Discipline, self observation and clarity is encouraged.
Benefits of Clear Quartz:
  • Distributes energy;
  • alleviates pain;
  • lowers high temperature;
  • Harmonises nerves, glands & hormones;
  • Increases the effect of other crystals;

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