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Vesuvianite has a strong vibration that will assist you to follow your hearts desire. Also called Idocrase... it was named for deposits found at the volcano on Mt Vesuvius.

It has strong metaphysical properties that help you to embrace the desires of the higher self and the true yearnings of the heart.

Its action helps you to override the energy of the ego and its vibration is a strong aid for spiritual growth, and forward movement in your life.

It is a zodiac birthstone for Sagittarius and Capricorn, and is often found in jewelry as it makes beautiful birthstone jewelry.

This is a lovely stone that will work within all chakra although the actual result may depend on its color. Its vibration is positive for all chakras although some colors resonate more strongly within particular chakras. The deep green stones carry the vibration of the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra, as do the lighter green Vesuvianite stones.

If you want to make major changes if your heart is being tugged to take your life in a new direction, meditate with this stone. If you are stuck in your job and are unsure which way to go or if your relationship is not what you want it to be, try meditating with a Vesuvianite crystal.

For best results you may choose to keep it on you for as long as possible each day. It may encourage you to release blocks that have stopped you from following your hearts desire.

As its energy helps you to better organize your mind, and align your thoughts with your physical reality, major change may happen.

Meditation with this stone is extremely helpful and you may engage your Higher self in the process.

Begin working with the energy of the beautiful pale green crystalline Vesuvianite stone within the solar plexus chakra and its vibration will also resonate within the sacral chakra.

Via its energy in the sacral chakra area, it will assist you to take notice of your feelings and has the potential to increase the development of clairsentience Its action within the second chakra also inspires inventiveness and flair and stimulates and enhances creativity.

This stone has a lovely spiritual aspect to it and for this use you might choose to find an Idocrase stone that is either purple, or with some purple within it.

As the energy of this stone resonates within the third eye, it may assist you to release any beliefs that are not in your best interests, and it may help you to develop your intuitive abilities.  

Idocrase will help you to move in a new direction spiritually, and may aid your overall spirituality and health.

It furnishes a connection to the Higher Self and may access knowledge on your souls present incarnation. It may aid you to become aware of past life situations that may be affecting your life.

This lovely green stone's vibration will help to create a sense of inner security... as it supports you to collapse negative thought patterns that have been holding you back.

Its energy within the higher heart will facilitate the break down of fear and the release anger and negativity as it engenders feelings of wholeness and integrity. Many people find it hard to be candid when confronted about their beliefs, because of fear of what other people will think of you.

This stone may help you to be more confident and assured and to speak in a straightforward manner when encountering negative people and may promote patriotism and loyalty to others.

By releasing fear and old patterns held in the sub-conscious you may move forward in your spiritual growth as well as within other areas of your life. This movement forward in your life may help you to eliminate depression.

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