Vanadinite is an excellent crystal for writers who want to get a lot done. It will stimulate you mentally and will help you to improve your energy levels to achieve your goals.

This is a marvelous stone to help you to get things done, and is especially helpful when you have a big work load ahead.

Sleeping with a piece under your pillow helps you to awaken feeling energized, and ready to get on with arranging your day's activities.

This stone stimulates your creativity and prompts action. When the high level of creative energy from this stone fills your auric field, this will aid your self expression and help you to be more effective.

It promotes thrift so if you have a tendency to overspend this might be a good stone to use. It is an excellent healing stone that is said to be good for breathing difficulties such as asthma or other lung problems, and it aids fatigue by giving you extra energy.

This stone has a broad range of functions within the chakras below the heart. Its depth of power at the base chakra helps to create a strong resolve. It gives you drive and determination, along with the vitality needed to sustain you while taking action.

It connects you down to the earth star chakra energy which helps you to totally ground yourself physically. This aids you to achieve what you want to get done, and to get on with what is required to reach your aims. This strong vibration allows you to connect to elemental forces and beings in the earth realms in a very grounded, methodical and organized way.

Because this brightly colored stone vibrates so strongly at the sacral or navel chakra, this creates an excellent vibration for enhancing creativity. This is combined with a strong spiritual grounding action that brings you down to earth and helps you to be more practical about how to get it done.

Vanadinite also stimulates you mentally, as it vibrates within the third eye. This helps you to think more clearly about your aims and creates a powerful action to aid you spiritually.

Via the crown chakra, it brings through a powerful spiritual energy that promotes deep peace within you.

The third eye is a very spiritual area, and is related to the birth of a number of psychic gifts.

If your work is related to any psychic area, this stone may aid you to be more creative in how you achieve what you want to get done. It promotes thrift so if you have a tendency to overspend this might be a good stone to use to help you to curb that proclivity.

It also is a strong grounding stone so you will come out of meditation without feeling spaced out.It is not known as a stone that will specifically help you to develop psychic powers. But if you go into meditation with an aim in mind of achieving a specific outcome regarding developing your psychic abilities, it will help you to stay focused on that aim.

How To Use It

This stone is an excellent aid to use in meditation, and can be used in combination with learning meditation techniques to create a meditation that will assist you to gain a greater depth of clarity about what you wish to achieve.

Vanadinite helps you to stop the thoughts that may interrupt you in meditation. It will also help you to create an 'empty mind' or alternatively to use your time during meditation to move your psychic abilities further. It is a third eye chakra stone and so it will stimulate the pineal gland where psychic gifts originate.

Vanadinite is an excellent healing stone, that is said to be good for breathing difficulties such as asthma or other lung problems.

It has an excellent healing action within the solar plexus also known as the power chakra and sacral chakras to aid any type of hormonal imbalances.

This may also aid you if you are going through problems related to aging such as during menopause and it is said to aid dysfunctions of the bladder.

It is a good stone to help to protect you from the radiation given off by computer screens or other electronic equipment so this is another reason to keep it close by.

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