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Polychrome Jasper Hearts - "What needs to be changed?"

Approximate Dimensions:61mm W x 50mm H x 26mm Thk
Approximate Weight: 113g
Locality: Madagascar

Polychrome Jaspers are Earthy, and grounding; and the energies govern the structures of home, career, family and money.

If you need support in any of these areas, this is a go-to stone to assist! For example, when we decide to make changes in respect to moving to a different locality, changing jobs, making changes to our physical body (for example embarking on a weight loss program) or even ending a long term relationship. 

They help to balance the emotions related to these aspects of our lives.

When you work with polychrome jasper, expect the energies of this stone to highlight areas in your life that need change, perhaps those you have swept under the carpet and forgotten. 

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