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Epidote Quartz

$15.00 SGD

You will receive 1x Epidote Tumbled Stone

Quartz with Epidote Inclusions lightly tumbled. Also called “Reiki Quartz”, “Dream Quartz”, or “Green Earth Keepers” (thought to support the earth's ley lines and vortices)

This crystal has many extremely powerful and practical qualities that make it an essential part of any energy worker's/ healer's toolbox. In fact, it is essential for anyone who requires deep and profound healing, restoration, or “plugging back in” to systems of support in either the spiritual or physical levels.

This works as a bridge, an amplifier, a weaver, an anchor, a purifier, and a teacher of the hidden wisdom of nature. Use it to assist you to maximize the vital properties of the herbal kingdom, to attract or call in abundance and prosperity, or to fully anchor and regulate higher spiritual energies to the physical level for healing, reconnection, or manifestation. It can be used as an active healing tool during energy work sessions, in a gem elixir, as meditation piece, or in earth healing ceremony. 

You can also use this in your pillow as a sleep stone, and include them in your crystal grids for earth or personal healing.