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Fluorite Spheres 45C

Approx Dimensions: 39mm
Approx Weight: 97-99g
Locality: China

You will receive the exact piece in the photographs/ videos, please pick the sphere you wish to receive.

Fluorite is a powerful ally for anyone who wants to boost their mental focus and bring more order to their life. Holding onto or placing a Fluorite sphere at your desk, or altar, can help to clear away the mental clutter allowing you from see clearly.

Fluorite can also help to cleanse and activate your third eye chakra, illuminating the mind, and opening you to clear guidance and insight from your cosmic friends.

Fluorite has been known through the ages to be a 'learning' stone, to declutter, organise ( or reorganise) thoughts, and aid communication with clarity and ease. It brings balance and cleanses the negativity and distractions around us from reaching our highest potential.