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Stibnite aids transformation and brings you a totally new outlook on life This is a strong stone to aid you to bring what you desire into your life.

In particular it may bring transformation on a grand scale including a totally new outlook on life for the better.

Its metaphysical properties have the potential to bring great wealth and power but only if you are able to stay focused on your goal.

If you do not stay focused and are less than totally honest it may bring undesirable results. It enhances personal power as it attunes you to new frequencies as you release fear around spiritual exploration.

This unusual stone is a powerhouse of potential... and can manifest your intentions if you stay focused on them. Stibnite will also aid you to adjust to the current earth changes that are happening around you, and getting stronger and more varied each day. If you have been thinking of making changes in your life, using this stone may help you to manifest these changes. It may aid you to change your career, your finances and your spirituality.

It may magnetize to you a range of different experiences and it has an element of coincidence and synchronicity within its vibration so you may simply trip across different positive assistance seemingly by accident.

It may bring abundance and prosperity into your life on a grand scale and may aid you to manifest money but it should be used with care.

Take care as this seeming good fortune may not be all that it appears to be. This stone has a component within it of being a deceiver so you need to be cautious.

Those who are greedy when working with this stone or less than totally honest in their dealings, may come unstuck very quickly under the influence of its vibration.

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