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7 Chakra Tumbled Stone Set with Sacred Geometry Pouch

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Original Price $80.00 SGD
Current Price $40.00 SGD

There are 3 sets of this available. 

Each stone is 1-1.5cm in length, please use the photo of stones held in the palm of my hand for reference.

You will receive: 

1. Garnet - relaxation, grounding, passion

2. Carnelian - creativity, vitality and courage

3. Lemon Smokey Quartz - Positivity & Focus, Willpower especially for addictions 

4. Rhodochrosite- Emotional Healing & Self Love

5. Amazonite- Abundance, Truth and Integrity

6. Lapis Lazuli - Creativity, Insight, Awareness

7. Clear Quartz Point - Clarity, Amplification, Divine Connection

8. Flower of Life Pouch