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Space Clearing

The first part of space clearing is literally taking out the things in your home that do not serve you ( or your family) anymore. This should be done from time to time, to ensure your things can be easily found, and old energies do not stagnate.

Herbs and Incense like Palo Santo Wood, White Sage Clusters & Frankincense Resin ( you will need the charcoal to ignite it) can be burned to purify the space. For a 'deep cleanse', you can add Dragon's Blood Resin to your charcoal. Please remember to keep your space well ventilated!

Essences & Sprays such as the White Sage Mist, Personal Protector Mist are very mobile and convenient to use. To create sacred space, you can also use the Frankincense or Sandalwood Incense.

You may also wish to use the Solar Cross, or larger 2.5" or 3.5" Etheric Weavers, to create peace and harmony within a space.