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Ruby Zoisite

This stone is a mixture of red Ruby stone and green Zoisite and nature has created a truly wonderful combination of energies in this combined stone. It supplies a vibration that creates an altered state of consciousness to help you to understand yourself and the world around you. Ruby Zoisite is a truly spiritual stone and a powerful aid for anyone whose spirituality is ready to reawaken.

Within the stone is the vibration of the lovely Ruby stone and this energy within the stone enhances creativity and encourages passion for life.

The unique harmony of the Anyolite or Ruby Zoisite stone imparts a lovely sense of bliss yet with a knowledge that you should embrace its accompanying feeling of exuberance for life.

It stimulates the base chakra and brings through the feeling of the desire to live life with enthusiastic fervor and to embrace the exhilaration that this stone stimulates within you.

Due to the vibration of the Ruby stone within it, its energy will confer psychic protection. By its activation of the crown chakra, it aids access to your soul memory, to help with your spiritual learning. This stone has a strong reaction within the third eye chakra and its energy is powerful for rousing psychic abilities.

It may aid you to learn to be psychic and it may be used for communicating with spirit guides. vIts energy will also stimulate you to begin developing your intuition.

- Enhances fertility

- Stops laziness

- Increases vigour

- Encourages one to be an individual

- Helps one to focus on objectives

- Stimulates the Crown Chakra

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