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Smokey Elestial Jacare Quartz with mica

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$76.00 SGD

Dimensions: 5.9cm W x 9cm L x 3.8cm Thk
Weight: 229g
Locality: Brazil

You will receive the exact piece shown. 

Elestial quartz is often used in meditation, to create a powerful alignment between the higher realms and the human body. They are helpful healing tools, matching the frequency of light to match the frequency most needed to the individual, without burning out. 

Elestials are a type of smokey quartz, to assist grounding, energy and information to support spiritual growth. They also are known to purify the emotional body and dissolve filters that create repetitive emotional patterns. It also assists in gaining an appropriate understanding of the roots of these patterns and their function along the soul's journey.

On the physical level, an elestial quartz can support skeletal issues, for recovery, support and healing. Healers would do well to have a piece in their healing rooms, to facilitate the transmutation of these energies. 

Jacare (Jacaré is Portuguese for crocodiles) Quartz crystals feature an attractive Elestial Growth Formation.