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Auralite 23 Raw Point with Red Tip - Large Piece

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Weighs 2.7kg , Approx 30cm in L

"This is a lovely piece with the red hematite tip(which is rare), would do well to enliven a shared living space, or for your meditation room."

Auralite 23 is the name given to a collection of crystals from north of Lake Superior, Canada and is so named because it has 23 different mineral inside. They are primarily made up of amethyst, but the combination of minerals in Auralite 23 give it such unique qualities, especially for relaxation and it also creates a bridge to help us to connect to the divine. 

So what does this crystal do?

📌Connect to our Divine nature

📌Soothes the mind and heart

📌Works on all Chakras

📌Promotes wisdom, self-acceptance, and self-awareness

📌Entrains our energies to attract positive influence