Clear Quartz, is also called Rock Crystal, is composed of silicon dioxide, and has been used throughout history, by virtually every civilization, from Lemuria to Egypt for diagnostic healing, meditation and spiritual development. In modern times, it is also found in our watches and computers and other electronics.

While quartz comprises approximately 20% of the Earth's crust, quartz can be considered 'common', but there is so many kinds of quartz, rare because of their specific use, especially to assist us in deep healing, empowerment and clarity.

Azeztulite is a variety of quartz, that emits high vibrations, allowing you to raise your own vibration to ahigher level aiding spiritual evolution. This stone provides for an amazing and intense shift. It is recommended that old patterns and behaviours be identified and released, followed by emotional cleansing work ( like Karmic Balancing) before working with this crystal. Azeztulite provides for a protective spiraling energy that surrounds one’s soul essence and physical body at the same time. Azeztulite encourages physical ascension, raises kundalini energies and expands your consciousness.

Brandberg Amethyst (Amethyst is also a variety of quartz) helps with DNA activation, stimulation of the limbic brain, and it works to restore balance and clarity to the individual. 

Candle Quartz is a balancer, working primarily on the heart to remove blockages and fear, comforting and helpful in overcoming emotional burdens.

Double Terminated  have points on both ends that is found naturally. This allows the crystal to  take in and transmit energy from each end of the crystal, this configuration makes it excellent for healing work, especially body layouts (or crystal grids), energising the chakra system, creating movement in stagnant areas. 

Characterized by a fuzzy white line running through them, it is this very line, where Faden Quartz crystals are fractured and then healed afterwards, and it is this self healing and the fact that will keep any 'program' you place on it for a long time, makes them one of the best for healing work. A healer's must have for sure!

Herkimer Diamonds  are the most powerful (you naturally feel energised) of all Quartz crystals, Herkimers are referred to as an 'attunement stone', it attunes one person to another or to a group or an environment.  Being doubly terminated, they have the ability to not only transmit their own energies, but to receive spiritual energy and to amplify and focus it intently. Typically, Herkimers are used for healing, oneself or others, and is useful where its clarity, brilliance and high frequency facilitates the removal of energy blocks or debris, and stimulates healing by increasing the amount of Light energy the body can utilize.

Lemurian Seed Crystals are made of the same chemistry, but their characteristics and uses are different. These crystals feel much more 'feminine', with gentle pulsing energies. These crystals hold information that connect you to the energies of Lemuria, it also helps you with deep inner work, where they elicit buried feelings from within. Many who use these crystals, are naturally drawn to them, using them in meditation by holding on to them, brings you to a state of deep relaxation. Many teach to softly and gently run one of your fingers over the ridges that are present on one (or more of the sides) and to follow your intuition to stop and hold at the point where you have been 'guided' to stop at.   

Manifestation Quartz, characterised by one crystal growing inside another, used often to facilitate artistic creativity, creative thinking, agricultural pursuits, and to increase or decrease any aspect of ones life. Its main use is for manifestation, based on clarity of intention. 

Manifest Light Quartz crystals are ideal for initiating Light Body activation, and keeping the Light Body anchored and integrated with the physical body.

Satyaloka Quartz, are powerful healing stones. They help to shift consciousness, create inner peace.

Spirialite Gem Shells, part fossil, part crystal, it was found in India. It is a left coiling shell or Dakshinavarti (in Sanskrit)associated with the Hindu God Vishnu, the Great Preserver. The association is quite appropriate, as they bridge the boundary between animal and mineral worlds, making it much easier for human beings to access their energies. These stone shells carry the memory of life in the Earth's ancient times, and they can be highly refreshing to the etheric body, providing healing benefits to one's whole being, from spirit and should to body and cells.

Tangerine Quartz stimulates one's creativity, promoting new ideas and inspirations that can enhance spiritual growth.

Often called crystals of transition, Trigonic Quartz are good for soul retrieval and can be used as a key to the future. These are extremely rare crystals, used to dispel negative entities.