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Auralite23 Dragon Carving by Leandro

$2,940.00 SGD

This piece measures: 15cm L x 6.2cmH x 7cm W, 750g

Auralite 23 is the name given to a collection of crystals from north of Lake Superior, Canada and is so named because it has 23 different mineral energies. They are primarily made up of amethyst, but the combination of minerals in Auralite 23 give it such unique qualities, especially for relaxation. It is a "must-have" for this age of anxiety, it also creates a bridge to help us to connect to the divine. 

So what does this crystal do?

📌Unlocks angelic realms

📌Calms the Mind, Heart and Our Temper

📌Works on all Chakras and is very grounding (hematite, sphalerite) and yet very uplifting ( feelings of gratitude; heart-felt responses to people and things)  whilst feelings of inspiration and passion. You feel rested, and very energetic, ready to take on new challenges.

📌Promotes wisdom, self-acceptance, and self-awareness

📌Creates positive influence around us (Goodbye Bad Luck)

📌Heals by releasing stress in the muscular tissues, esp, spasms, backaches, tension headaches, which works its way to a more cellular level.