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Selenite Mini Towers

$22.00 SGD
Approximate Weight: 92g
Approximate Dimensions: 5.6cm H x 3.6cm Dia
Location: Morocco

It is known as Satin Spar because of the milky sheen that illuminates from the surface. (On the Mohs scale it has a score of just 2, so please don't soak your selenite in water as it will dissolve it eventually!)


These selenite mini-towers can be placed on your desk, on a book-shelf, or corners of a space, to bring in light, clear stagnant energy or blockages. This also creates a liquid-light like energy flowing through your space or home, it is protective and creates a safe space for you to rest and completely relax in. 
it is known for connecting to the third eye, crown, transpersonal and Etheric chakras. Through radiating light energy, it promotes purity and honesty. When connecting with the third eye and crown chakras, the selenite meaning is one of complete positivity and purity. Once the power of the selenite flows into the crown chakra, it will open, clear and activate the energy. The chakras will feel completely purified, and one should experience a liberated sense of self, free of negativity or inhibitions. 
Please remember to clear your space first before placing your selenite mini-towers in place.