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Thulite Palmstones- Self Love • Breaking Destructive Habits

$57.00 SGD

Dimensions: Varies
Weight: Varies
Locality: Norway

You will receive the exact piece you choose. Please select accordingly.

W58 - 42g | 50mm L x 33mm W x 14mm Thk
P57 - 39g | 53mm L x 32mm W x 15mm Thk 
H44 - 28g | 44mm L x 30mm W x 14mm Thk

Known for how it benefits the central nervous system and by enhancing coordination, concentration, and dexterity by bringing the mind and body into alignment so they can work together at their highest capacity, Thulite is also well known for self- love, as a remedy for self-sabotage, breaking destructive habits and for pushing emotional pain to the fore, so it can be confronted with love and compassion once and for all.

As a stone of love, Thulite reminds us being loving and compassionate to the self and others can form great ripples of healing that goes on and on and benefits all.

It also benefits those suffering from a broken heart, from trauma. For PTSD, it is best to combine with lepidolite.

Thulite activates the Heart and Third Eye. Expanding the Heart and providing loving wisdom to the third eye. You can place these palms on your chest region, or on your forehead, while you lie down for meditation or held in your hands during a seated meditation.