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Peach Moonstone Palm Stone- Opening to a World of Possibilities

$27.00 SGD

Approximate Dimensions: 50mm W x 60mm L
Approximate Weight: 88-213g
Locality: Madagascar

Peach Moonstone is all about acceptance, goodness, creativity, being calm and fostering loving energy. It’s also known for igniting a passion for what really makes you happy, and it can give you the courage to pursue dreams that may have been long given up. 

Peach Moonstone is also great for supporting fertility, creating calmness, and helping the user face transition and change with a courageous and open heart. It’s absolutely bursting with feminine energy and its various healing properties can foster goodness, acceptance of situations, and self-love

People who use Peach Moonstone on a regular basis often find themselves becoming more open to a world of possibilities. Dreams that once seemed impossible will appear to be more attainable and within reach. Use Peach Moonstone to bring out your greatest inner potential. 

The soothing and healing vibrations of this crystal are perfectly suited for anyone who is suffering from depression, anxiety, sadness or excessive anger. Peach Moonstone can provide the insight you need to see things from a positive perspective, and making changes in your worldview.