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📌Deliveries maybe delayed due to F1 road closures

Rhodocrosite Pendant

$75.00 SGD
When it comes to heartache, it’s all about balancing negative emotions. Use Rhodochrosite crystal healing properties to connect the fiery energy of the sacral chakra with the heart. This loving vibration calms the heart and encourages stability when tensions are high. With the Rhodochrosite crystal included in your healing crystal first aid kit, witness an amazing healing transformation in your relationships when jealousy and anger evolve into forgiveness and loving acceptance. 

On a cellular level, the Rhodochrosite calms and rebalances the nervous system, which promotes feelings of deep relaxation, a welcome prescription for managing stress and intense emotions. If you're caught in a negative thought pattern, combine the cleansing affects of water by taking a bath with the Rhodochrosite stone. While your body soaks in its healing vibrations, meditate on releasing toxic emotions and get ready to experience a subtle yet powerful transformation that sets the stage for creative expression and self-confidence. 

Love is the medicine to heal the world, which is what makes this stone a powerful addition to a healing grid. Pair Rhodochrosite with Smoky Quartz for a crystal cocktail that rocks at teaching us to love like we've never been hurt. It's a fine line between holding grudges and self-preservation, but this crystal powerhouse gives us the wisdom to keep a healthy balance, protecting our spirit from bad vibes and giving us the courage to cut ties from old patterns (or people) no longer serving us.

Sweet and gentle, Rhodochrosite crystal stone properties serve as the spiritual cream to your coffee. The stone of unconditional love, it reminds us of what's important -- the size of your heart, how gently you live, and the grace that comes from letting go of things not meant for you. 

Rhodochrosite reminds us to love ourselves just as we value our relationship with friends and family. Stop evaluating yourself like a used car, taking a magnifying glass to every dent and scratch. Take the Rhodochrosite crystal with you everywhere you go and get into the habit of forgiving yourself for past mistakes. When thoughts of self-loathing take your natural happiness for hostage, hold on tight to Rhodochrosite and use its nurturing and loving vibes to encourage pink-tinted thoughts of self-love, the best medicine for the heart. 

When it comes to the gentle healing vibrations of Rhodochrosite, pink is more than a color. It’s an attitude. In the words of fashion icon and 20th century influencer Lilly Pulitzer, “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.”