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To create sacred space, you can light Frankincense resin, or use the incense sticks. You may wish to learn how to do space clearing yourself, or create a crystal grid in your home.

Some crystals you can also use during meditation, that is not included in this collection: 

1. Lemurian Seed Raw Points - The energy of these crystals help us remain connected to Spirit, and removes energy blockages; 
2. Angelite - Stimulates the third eye, throat and crown chakras and helps to deepen meditation;
3. Hematite - this is very grounding and protective for those who have many thoughts and can't seem to feel 'present';
4. Selenite - quickly clears energy blocks and brings about a feeling of peace which helps going 'deeper' into meditiaton;
5. Crystal Pouches - stones you can use as pocket friends, or on your body after you complete your meditation to assist you to balance your own energies. 


Palo Santo Pack

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White Sage

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Charcoal 1-Roll

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Frankincense 50g

$14.40 SGD $18.00 SGD
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Palo Santo Spray with Amber

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Palo Santo Cone Incense

$16.00 SGD $20.00 SGD
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Ceramic Incense Burner (Red)

$6.40 SGD $8.00 SGD
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7 Archangel Incense

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