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Organic Patchouli Essential Oil Infused with the Energies of Garnet 15ml

Our organic Patchouli essential oil is infused with the energy of Garnet, allowing the best of both the plant and mineral kingdom to support you in your endeavours. You may wish to apply this oil topically, use it in a diffuser, in a spray bottle to purify the energy of your home and imbue it with the qualities of strength,

You can also apply 2-3 drops, rub gently between your palms breathe in 3 times and intend for your Root chakra to be in balance, and let go of any energies that do not belong to you.

Origin: Indonesia
Botanical Name: Pogostemon Cablin
Chakra: Root
Infused with the Energies of Garnet

Patchouli diffuses worry and anxiety especially potent for those who are mentally drained and overworked. This earthy warm and musky essential oil relaxes, eases and calms the mind, the body allowing us to feel supported by Mother Earth, and forge a deep connection back with Her. It aids one and all to let go of pent up mental activity, and through that, releasing the pent up emotions that block us from connecting with our bodies. It gently fans a desire to express our creativity and our passion, gently stimulating the senses, firing up the imagination, reminding us to Live is to Create! Who doesn’t have fun when we are passionate about our projects and creations, building strength, and stamina.

Physical uses:
* fights depression
* boosts the immune system
* works as a natural deodorant
* stops fungal growth
* reduces inflammation
* enhances mood
* strengthens hair
* fights infections
* treats skin conditions and dandruff
* works as a bug repellent

Garnet Garnet provides a protective influence and a calming stable vitality into the aura. It fortifies, activates, and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope into those situations. A crisis is turned into challenge under Garnet's influence and promotes mutual assistance in times of trouble. It calms our senses and aids to release emotional pain. Its energy can balance the energy system, stimulate desires and uplift your attitude. Garnet has been used to release fears of insecurity, and infuse the energy of positivity and abundance, enhancing your personal self-esteem. It offers protection and unyielding strength, increasing willpower and resistance to all things negative. It aids circulation and all blood-related issues.

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